Hot Stone Massage


Bearing in mind that heat is energy is helpful when first hearing about Hot Stone Massage.  Prior to treatment, smooth basalt stones are heated in a water heater to a safe temperature, thus storing heat energy.  These stones are used during massage to treat the body.  Some are placed on specific points on the back, in the palm of the hand, on the soles of feet and others used to massage the body with using water dispersible oils.


I have found it so amazing to see the connection between how fast the stones cool down and how the persons own energy was on arrival.   The heat of the stones causes the muscles to relax enabling the work to go deeper if necessary. The body absorbs the heat from the stones and then new hot stones are used, thus allowing the person to receive the amount of heat/energy that their own body requires.


The treatment itself takes approximately an hour and a half and the feedback I have received is incredibly positive.  It is more than a pure treat, it relieves achy over-worked muscles, helps to tone under-used muscles, it is energy giving, yet relaxing to mind, body and soul.



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