Pregnancy, Post Partum & Baby Massage



Comfortable positions are often difficult to find when pregnant, a bed that has so many pillows for when you need to turn and find a new temporary comfortable position! Exhaustion, breathlessness, digestive difficulties, back or leg pain, neck or collar bone aches, so many of these experiences can take their toll for sometimes small periods of a pregnancy however can have quite a draining effect.


Pregnancy massage offers the chance to look at how you are and what feels tired or sore and take the time to relax and unwind while receiving a massage that entails the least amount of moving around and finding a position that allows your body to let go.  Post partum massage is a wonderfully rejuvenating treatment that can be taken from 6 weeks after birth.

Robbie July 2002

I have found that most mums find it hard to take that time out in the early weeks so by showing the gentle technique of baby massage generally has the baby sound asleep for the duration of Mum’s massage, thus both heading off home feeling relaxed and de-stressed.


Hot Stone massage is a also a wonderful postpartum massage from about 6 weeks onwards.  Giving birth and the early stages of parenthood can be pretty tiring to say the least.  The heat/energy received from Hot Stone massage can help both relax and recharge any tired parent.

A well deserved indulgence!

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