About Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy that focuses on working to stimulate reflex points of the feet. This therapy was practised by the Egyptians and Chinese as early as 2300BC.  India, China, Russia, Japan, Native American Indians and Europe all have stories to tell about foot and hand treatments.


Think of the body as a map and the nervous system is one of the networks for passing messages from one place to another.  For example if we touch a warm surface with our finger, a message is instantly sent up to the brain (via the nervous system), the brain registers if the surface is OK to touch or if it is too hot and a message is sent back to the fingers within milliseconds with the best action required.  The skin, being the largest organ in the body, has a rich supply contact4of nerves that respond to stimulus on a regular basis.  There are approximately 7800 nerve endings on our feet alone!  Using pressure points and various styles of massage techniques on your feet a message is sent to each of the organs and parts of the body encouraging healing and rebalancing to begin.


Alongside the nervous system there are also other networks called Zones, Meridians, and Reflex points that are worked with varying techniques, these have a relaxing and rebalancing effect on your body.  Through skilled manipulation of the feet with reflexology any blockages within the body are gently shifted and the persons own energy, healing and rebalancing begin to take place.  As a client this is a very relaxing experience.

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