20 December 2018

I would highly recommend Ruth for Reflexology, and all the advice she has given me on so many different issues, she has a wealth of knowledge.  She is so warm and welcoming and makes you feel so relaxed during the treatments in the comfort of her own den.  She is flexible with her appointments and caters for your every need.  I would highly recommend Ruth, so book today, there will be no turning back!  Regards Sinead, Dublin 24

9th October 2018

Hi Ruth, came in this morning for induction but went into labour myself before they called me. My daughter ” ” was born at 6.44pm. I started contractions during the night, and I really think it had a lot to do with the reflexology. Thank you, Anna

19 June 2017

I would prefer to remain anonymous when this is being posted:-

I started attending Ruth when I had been trying to conceive for 7 months. I had never had reflexology before.  On my first meeting with Ruth, she made me feel at total ease as I explained the issues I was going though. For 3 months I went to Ruth for reflexology at the start of each menstrual cycle. All sessions I found extremely relaxing and beneficial but on the 3rd session I felt a huge release of stress and even the weeks after, did not feel the weight of trying to conceive. Four weeks later, I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant.  I would be delighted to recommend Ruth for anyone having trouble getting pregnant. I will continue to see Ruth; you leave feeling so relaxed and carefree.  She is wonderful at what she does.

4th Jan 2017

I can’t recommend Ruth highly enough. She makes you feel at ease the moment you meet her. Reflexology has helped my sinus and digestive system as well as having a calming effect. I also found it extremely beneficial during pregnancy- helping my aches and pains and sleep! I have recommended Ruth to friends and they are now regular clients too.

Eimear, Sandyford

I went to see Ruth for several reasons but the main area I needed to address was that I was having difficulty conceiving. I loved Ruth the minute we met, she has such a sense of calm and peace that I immediately felt better by just talking to her. It was therapeutic to tell her about my family and work and she listened with great empathy and kindness. She gave me some sound advice on taking better care of my physical and emotional health.

I attended Ruth for reflexology for six consecutive weeks with the aim of becoming pregnant, during this time I also practiced her relaxation techniques. A short time later, I found out I was pregnant with twins, I could not believe it and now I have two twin boys who are beautiful as well as being full of mischief. I recommended Ruth to my friends and sister who were also trying to conceive. My sister attended Ruth for reflexology and believe it or not she is now 10 months pregnant!

As an experienced nurse I would strongly recommend Ruth as I believe she has a special gift of healing and in the area of fertility.

Angela, Dublin

I have been a client of Ruth Wallace for a number of years.  I am a great believer in the overall benefits of reflexology, in particular for sinus problems….and have been having what I call regular maintenance sessions to ensure that the problems don’t flare up. Truth be told, Ruth’s Den has given me the opportunity to a avail some ME time which is so important to us all. I would highly recommend Ruth to you for her fantastic sessions reflexology/massage.


“I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and was worried about conceiving. A friend recommended that I go to a reflexologist that she knew, Ruth Wallace, and I am so grateful that she did.  I really enjoyed each of my reflexology sessions and had fantastic sleeps after each one. They also played a really important role in helping me to ovulate. Now I am thrilled to be 29 weeks pregnant!

I am so grateful to Ruth for her calmness and extensive knowledge and feel so grateful for her help and support. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a bit of time out and to tune into your body, and particularly to anyone who is trying to get pregnant.”

Kind regards,
Olive, Dublin

I started going to see Ruth when I had trouble getting pregnant and she really helped me through this difficult time in my life.  She is such a caring and compassionate person who gives her complete focus to you during your visit – I really felt listened to and looked after. I’d really have been lost without all of her support. When we decided to go for IVF treatment, I continued going to my weekly sessions and was lucky to get pregnant first time round – being so relaxed through regular treatments can only have helped. Throughout my pregnancy I relished my reflexology sessions and really felt that they kept me balanced – plus it was a nice treat when I could no longer reach my toes! Ruth makes you feel truly welcomed and I always leave each session feeling much less stressed and with an overall feeling of calm and well being.  I count myself lucky to have found her for reflexology and to have her as friend.”


I first visited Ruth for Reflexology approximately 5 years ago.  I first went to Ruth in desperation as I felt so unwell; I have asthma and each time I caught a cold it meant a course of antibiotics and then followed a period of getting tired so easily, life was passing me by and I was too weary to enjoy it.  .  I have found Reflexology gives me the boost I need, it is an amazing feeling, I can actually feel my aches and pains loosening up, my sinuses clearing, also it is so relaxing.  Reflexology has helped me so much, and also it’s an enjoyable and painless experience.

Best wishes,

I have been going to Ruth for aroma therapy massage for past few years.  Since she has a vast amount of knowledge and experiences in many area that she has given me a lot of useful advice from different point of views. My problem area is usually neck and shoulder because I lift heavy things at work. She once gave me a good excercise tip I can practice for my shoulder throughout the day. I like the fact that her treatment doesn’t finish inside of her practice. She gives advice that has a lasting effect and adaptable in individual clients’ lives. I become a complimentary health therapist recently and Ruth definitely has a big influence on me. I’m very lucky to have a great therapist as a client and also have someone whom I can look up as a therapist.


I have been attending Ruth for reflexology on a pretty regular basis for 2 years but the benefits from each session continue to be varied, healing, and relaxing.

I have enjoyed from deep relaxation to huge emotional release while attending Ruth, both during and after sessions.  She creates a safe, nurturing, empowering space both with her therapy and the environment she generates in her treatment room.

I have attended reflexology in the past with different therapists – some I enjoyed and benefited from, others, not so much or they grew stale after a while – not so with Ruth.

Bette, Dublin 4

I have been going to Ruth for reflexology treatments since Jan 2008.  Myself and my partner were trying to conceive after 2 early pregnancy losses and I was anxious and stressed.   I definitely felt more calm and relaxed after my first visit.  Ruth really took the time to explain to me what was going on with my body and gave me some relaxation techniques and nutritional advice.

Each session with Ruth is more than just a reflexology session; she has a great awareness of the body and mind and really understands how to promote healing within it.  Any worries or questions I had were listened to and answered.  Ruth researched some questions I had about hormone imbalance and came back with some excellent advice that really helped me.

I got pregnant and had a very smooth uncomplicated pregnancy.  I continued the reflexology treatments all through the pregnancy which helped keep stress levels down and I believe contributed to the ease of my pregnancy.  I am now pregnant again and look forward to my sessions with Ruth.  It’s an hour of pure relaxation that always leaves me feeling refreshed, energised, calm and positive.

Thanks from Ruth!

I have been a client for many years of Ruth Wallace’s I have had many ailments and she has treated me for such things as chest problems and anxiety disorders. I have also had reflexology on a number of occasions and found it very relaxing and beneficial.

I feel that Ruth has a lovely pleasant manner and very friendly her massages always leave me feeling wonderful and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the aroma of the essential oils which always lift my spirits up.
I would recommend Ruth to everyone for her skills and manner.

Janet Blount, Templeogue

As a Pilates Instructor I can do up to 20 hours of exercise a week, this can leave me with a very sore and tired set of muscles.  I’ve been going to Ruth once a month now for over 2 years and can honestly say I don’t know what I (or my muscles) would do without her.  There’s very little she doesn’t know about her craft and I have often recommended her to my own clients.  She’s my saviour – thank you Ruthie!!!

Tracy Bolton, Pilates Instructor, Terenure

I have been attending Ruth Wallace for about 3 years mainly for reflexology but also for massage and hot stone massage.  I have always looked forward to the sessions as Ruth provides therapy for the mind as well as the body by providing restful and calming atmosphere where one can surrender to the wonderful massage experience.  Ruth is willing to offer advice on supplements or other treatments for a wide variety of ailments but only if you wish to receive it.  I have found reflexology to be very calming and soothing not just for the duration of the treatment but also for days after.  I would recommend a visit to Ruth either for yourself or as a lovely gift for someone else.

Frances Withero

Hi Ruth

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your help. I’ve great news – I am 14 weeks pregnant! ….and all natural!
I really feel the reflexology helped me significantly to relax and unwind.
After 1 unsuccessful steroid ivf cycle and 3 unsuccessful natural ivf cycles, in July after my appointments with you I decided that was it I was going to take a break from it all, go on holiday and chill out and just focus on my existing family and low and behold I got pregnant!
Only telling people now as I was a bit apprehensive until I got to week 12/13. Fingers crossed all will go well. I feel great now after a nauseating first 3 months.
Thanks again for all your help – I really feel it helped me immensely. I just wanted to tell you my happy story and hopefully it will inspire some other of your clients and give them hope.

My mam hasn’t stopped saying how amazing (you!) & her treatment was last night!  Just wanted to say a huge thank you. She’s only delighted!  You will have a new regular client now!!  Louise,  May 2021




Ruth, you are a godsend!!  My back was so much better after my therapy last night, & I had a decent sleep.  Thanks so much.  Deirdre xx



“I’ve had lots of previous experience receiving Reflexology treatments, as my own Mother was a practising Reflexologist many years ago and so I can confidently tell you that my recent reflexology treatment with Ruth Wallace was of the highest standard and that she is extremely gifted at this type of treatment.  I feel energised and harmoniously in balance after my lovely treatment with Ruth and I highly recommend her.

Suzanna (51 years old)

Dublin 8″

After being doubled over in pain every month for years I went to Ruth for help.

She made me feel very welcome and relaxed when I arrived. After a couple of months of Reflexology I can now say for the first time ever that I’m pain free. I found Ruth to be very professional & helpful in helping me to relax as I don’t like my feet touched

I would highly recommend ruth for her expertise in reflexology absolutely amazing.

Audrey   Dublin 22

Ruth is the best reflexologist I have ever met. She is very skilled in using the feet to discover issues within the body, and to work towards healing. She is also warm and kind and genuinely committed to her clients. I would definitely recommend her. Many thanks for all your care over the years, Ruth. Much appreciated. Móna from Rathfarnham.


Dear Ruth,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m 27 weeks pregnant! I was with you in the summer of 2020 for some sessions then became pregnant in September, we are thrilled. Just thought I’d share the good news with you as you may have had something to do with it!

Kind regards, J.C.

I attended Ruth for help with digestive issues and for stress relief from a busy job.  She is very welcoming, calm, professional and knowledgeable.  She creates a very relaxing atmosphere in which you get the most from your treatment.  I would highly recommend her.

Deirdre, Rathfarnham

I have been attending Ruth for reflexology and massage for at least five years.  I think she is absolutely brilliant and unbelievably knowledgeable in so many areas.  My two daughters, in their twenties and thirties, have also attended Ruth for various reasons and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.   Maria